Several people have been asking for an update on how sean is getting on and where we are at. Sean as expected continues to soldier on and is making great progress. From next weekend he can spend the weekend nights with us which we are all so excited about. As below, we have started clearing the land in preparation for the build of the extension. The sooner we get this finished the sooner we can get sean home. It is anticipated he can beĀ home by end January provided all goes to plan. If anyone wants to go and visit sean, please feel free during the week visiting hours are 6 to 9pm or if you want to sneak in between 1230 and 2 pm on week days please text sean direct. Otherwise you are more than welcome to visit him at our home on the weekends ( I make great coffee) either FB message me or text sean. Love Loulou Colley and Jordan Motocross Doherty