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Help needed… We are raising funds for a Specialised Track Chair for Sean, we are asking for donations so we can help his family with the funds to get him this amazing chair that will allow Sean to do the things he loves. Please read the full story below to see how you can change his life for the better.

We know is close to Christmas but is to help a great man. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

12118959_944195572289936_2782118610195353246_nSean Doherty is an extraordinary man and a highly talented sportsman who has represented his country, Scotland, at an international level.

He has spent much of his 46-years assisting others and acting as a worthy ambassador for the sport of Motocross but now he needs help.

On 20th September 2015, while taking part in a race at Glenochil in Clackmannanshire, his life was changed in the fraction of a second. The front wheel of his bike hit a tractor rut and he was thrown over the handle bars at high speed. Sean damaged the thoracic vertebrae in the middle of his back which means he is now paralysed from T5 down and is wheelchair bound.

02For many people, let alone somebody like Sean who loves the outdoors, extreme sports and exciting adventure, such an accident would be soul destroying. But, true to form, Sean is determined to find a solution to any problem. His strength of mind is incredible and he views his current situation as his next challenge in life.

For those of who know Sean that is not surprising he has continued to be positive and show concern for those around him rather than dwell on his own misfortune. He has always been the ‘go to guy’ for many of us over the years. Always ready to lend a helping hand, friendly ear or share the benefits of his experience. Now, it’s time for his family, friends, neighbours and all those others whose lives have been touched by Sean’s infectious optimism to return the favour.

05Sean started riding motorbikes when he was just 14, started racing at the age of 18 and over the last 28 years has built up a reputation as one of the country’s top motocross riders and race commentators.

Throughout his life he has worked hard all the hours he could to pay for his passion. It has taken him on an incredible journey, from meeting some amazing people who have become his MX family to representing Scotland at the Vets MX des Nations.

A mechanic by trade Sean’s reputation as someone always willing to assist others has earned him numerous friends across the country. Nothing made him happier than being able to help somebody else, whether it was stopping to rescue a broken down stranger at the side of the road or changing a tyre at the race track. He was always able and willing to put his hand to anything.

For those of us who know Sean the prospect of seeing someone so full of energy confined to an ordinary wheelchair is heartbreaking, especially as there is an alternative.

We want to raise enough money to buy Sean a TR Trackstander. This magnificent piece of machinery could transform his future.

10 action-trackThe Action Trackstander is a relatively new concept in providing independent mobility for disabled people. Its special tracks can help users navigate mountain roads, camping grounds, woods, beaches, hiking trails, frozen lakes, shallow streams, muddy and snowy terrain and much more.The all-terrain wheelchair even includes a power feature that allows a disabled person to go from seated to standing with the push of a button.

To buy a TR Trackstander from the factory in Minnesota, USA costs $17,800 (£ 11,900), including delivery and import taxes, but it would transform Sean’s life. He could continue to enjoy his passion by attending Motocross events with his partner Lou, coaching his son Jordan and passing on his expertise to the new generation of riders.

Sean hasn’t asked for a Trackchair, after all he has done for others and for Motocross, representing Scotland at an international level, we want it to help him regain as much independence as possible.

11 action-track

Please help us to help Sean by donating to this special fund. Providing a Trackchair for Sean would be the greatest gift we could give to ensure he maintain his zest for life. If you would like to donate please click here.

Thank You!

Love Loulou Colley and Jordan Motocross Doherty