To all our donors and our followers, we at the The 22 Foundation are pleased to let you know due to the amazing donations that we have received we have ordered the TR Trackstander for Sean.

Today My wife and I visited Sean accompanied by Rab Mullin and his wife and son to present Sean with the Certificate of Mobility from The Action Trackchair Ltd certifying that we have ordered the TR Trackstander for Sean and that it will be ready to be shipped on the 28th of December 2015. It was an emotional day for us as all the hard work and hopes we had have been met by a great unconditional support. To all of you who donated, you have made us reach this point and we at The 22 Foundation, Sean, Loulou and Jordan are eternally grateful for your support and donations. It was amazing to see Sean today and to hear how this chair will change his life for the best.

We have raised £ 10,284.00 in 3 weeks time. We are so grateful to all of you who have donated to The 22 Foundation to help us with this great cause.

Now we need to pay the balance by the 22nd of December and we ask for your help with donations to get us to the goal of racing the the outstanding £2,216 needed to reach our goal. We are almost there so we ask you one last time to help us with your donations to get us there.

Thank you all!!!