We need your help, 7th of December deadline approaching. Please read the full article

We thank all of you for your support, as you know we are asking for your help with donations to be able to get Sean this amazing specialised TR Trackstander track chair. We would love to be able to get the TR Trackstander pre order for him before he leaves the hospital to come home. For us to be able to do this we would need to pre order the chair by the 7th of December. The track chair takes 4 weeks to be assembled as it’s specially made custom to Sean’s needs. With the Christmas and New Year holidays approaching the track chair is going to take between six to seven weeks to be finished and ready to ship. We need to raise half the amount required (£6,250) to be able to pre order the chair as half of the full balance needs to be paid upfront. We have been able to raise to date £ 4,204.00 with the kind donations of Sean’s friends. We need all your help to be able to raise the additional £2,046.00 for us to be able to pre order the TR Trackstander to initiate the production and assembly of the track chair.

We know we are asking for your donations in this difficult financial time of the year when you are preparing for Christmas shopping and the gathering of your families is hard. I’m sure that this effort is one true to you, Sean’s friends, and we have seen the outpour of support that you have given him. This is why, humbled I ask for your help and donations to help get this amazing chair for Sean, my friend, which will change his life for the better and allow him to get back to do what he loves. I’m sure we will all have a great smile on our faces and will feel proud to help this amazing friend.

I know that Sean, LouLou and Jordan will forever be grateful to have so many friends that care for him the way you do.

Please help us in any way you can with any amount that you could donate. We have many of you approaching me asking how you can help and some of you are running fundraiser and pledged the money raised to this great cause to fund Sean’s TR Trackstander. Once we have the chair pre ordered and been assembled we would have 4 weeks to raise the £6,000 additional balance to pay for the chair in full. I’m confident that with your support we will reach our goal.

For all of you who have donated already, we thank you for all your help.

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Thank you for your unbelievable support.