We’ve done it!!!

Thank you to all who have helped us at The 22 Foundation to raise the money for this great cause. To all who donated, who helped us spread the word of our efforts, who did individual fundraisers to donate to us and for those who provided items to auction to donate to our cause Thank You!!!!

In behalf of Sean, Loulou and Jordan… THANK YOU!!!! Your donations, your support in this hard times and your messages of love have filled them with hope, strength and love! Thank you!!

Since the day I heard that Sean had the accident I contacted the family and told them about this chair. I knew that with Sean lifestyle that this would be the ideal tool for him to give back to his way of life.

With Loulou’s help we did all the research with the chair manufacturers and Sean’s therapist and Doctors to see if this chair was viable for him. Once we got the go ahead we created The 22 Foundation with the blessing of Loulou and Jordan. Jordan came up with name of the Foundation to honour his Dad. I knew with the love that Sean’s friends felt for him, that we would be able to achieve this.

I promised Sean 3 weeks ago, when I told him about the chair and our efforts, that it wouldn’t be if we could get him the chair but when, that I would get him that chair. I’ve been able to keep that promise but I couldn’t have done it without you, his friends who donated, his friends who spread the word and for those who don’t even know Sean and donated to his cause… THANK YOU!!!!! …